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Hozelock Auto Reel Retractable Hose System with 30m Hose

Hozelock Auto Reel Retractable Hose System with 30m Hose, The hose that puts itself away

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    Hozelock Auto Reel Retractable Hose System with 30m Hose, The hose that puts itself away


    • Automatic Rewind: A powerful spring mechanism rewinds the hose effortlessly, ensuring no kinks or tangles.
    • Wall-Mounted Design: Equipped with a 180-degree pivot, allowing you to easily reach every area of your garden.
    • Complete Kit: Includes all necessary fittings to connect to your tap and start watering immediately.
    • Smooth Operation: The Auto Reel smoothly unwinds the hose and automatically locks it in place. To release more hose, simply pull and the mechanism unlocks.
    • Effortless Rewind: A gentle tug unlatches the drum, activating the automatic rewind system. The braking mechanism ensures a controlled rewind, while the layering system coils the hose neatly without kinks or tangles.
    • Durable Protection: The hose is stored in a tough, UV-resistant Polypropylene case, keeping it protected from the elements.
    • Flexible Reach: The sturdy wall bracket allows for 180-degree pivot, making it easy to reach all garden areas and store the unit flat against the wall when not in use.
    • Neat Storage: The feeder hose can be neatly stored, ideal for winter storage. The leak-free parking point prevents drips in your shed or garage.
    • Hose Stop: Prevents the hose from fully retracting, ensuring it is always easily accessible.
    • Child Safety: An integrated child lock prevents accidental unwinding by children.
    • Ready to Use: Comes with tap connectors, soft-touch hose attachments, a feeder hose, and an adjustable spray nozzle—everything you need to start watering right away.

    Upgrade your garden watering experience with the Hozelock Auto Reel—effortless, tidy, and reliable.

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