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Recovering your burnt and scorched lawn

Recovering your burnt and scorched lawn

Following a particularly dry and hot summer, many people may have been left with scorched or burnt lawns. Gardener Supplies can provide some tips and product recommendations to help you get your lawn back to its gleaming best!

If your lawn is particularly damaged or has been through a drought period, lawn feed or fertilisers can often be a simple yet effective way to care for it and help make it healthy again.

As summer tails off, using a fertiliser such as ICL Landscaper Pro Spring Summer Fertiliser can give your lawn a last boost before the colder months arrive. Thanks to the slow-release technology in this product, it often aids root development throughout the winter months, so when the following spring arrives your grass is ready to bloom and has solid roots to build on.

Throughout winter, products such as ICL Landscaper Pro Autumn Winter Lawn Feed are recommended thanks to their long-lasting effects. ICL Landscaper Pro Autumn Winter prevents stress related issues on your grass, whilst at the same time ensuring it remains healthy in harsh conditions and is in prime condition once warmer weather arrives.

It is important to be careful with the application rates however, as many people scorch their lawns by overapplying certain fertilisers, especially those rich in nitrogen. Fixing damaged areas from overapplication of nitrogen rich fertilisers can be simple, just rake out the damaged grass and wash out any excess product by watering the soil underneath generously. If there is more long-lasting damage you may need to dig the damaged soil out completely and replace it with fresh topsoil.

Following the raking and replacing of overly damaged soils, we would recommend reseeding the fresh areas, and overseeding other areas of the lawn for the best results. Be sure to rake the seed into the damaged areas and ensure it is in contact with the soil, burying the seed just below the surface tends to bring optimum results too. We stock a wide range of Grass Seeds that are designed to thrive in a variety of lawn conditions and environments, be sure to check it out for your reseeding and overseeding projects.

Another key soil rejuvenation method is applying soil improvers or compost to the worse affected areas once they have been raked and watered. This helps create a refreshed seed bed and gives any new or existing seeds a better chance of surviving and growing in a more hospitable environment. Products like our Soil Improver Conditioner are perfect for this, as they slowly release key nutrients to facilitate for healthy growth, and also enhance water retention to make sure your grass or plants are making the most of the water they are given. Coupled with an effective irrigation system, the right compost or soil improver can help make your lawn healthier and stronger than ever before.

Irrigation is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn, but the timings and frequency of when you water your grass can help improve the quality. Watering in the early morning or in the evening are the best times, as it allows more of the water to filter through to the roots before being evaporated by the sun.

In addition, it is important to keep watering regularly as sporadic watering patterns can cause long term issues for your lawn. It can sometimes be a big commitment to keep up with regular watering, which is where our range of Lawn Watering Pop Up Sprinklers can help. This range includes products from globally respected brands such as Rain Bird and Geka, and makes irrigation an easy and efficient process. Using the products from this range you can set timers and make the system work for you the way you want it to, giving your lawn the best care possible at the least inconvenience to you.

We stock a whole Lawn Care range which includes the products mentioned above, as well as a plethora of other options to enhance your lawn care projects and help keep your garden in peak condition all year round, shop the range now and give your garden the care it deserves!