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Root Barrier Connector Clip

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Root Barrier Connector Clip offers an alternative way to taping to connect two lengths of rootbarrier securely together. Sold Per Clip.

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    Root barriers are installed underground to create a barrier against tree and plant roots spreading. They are very effective at protecting building foundations, road and pavement surfaces, and essential underground services, such as pipes and cables. You will need to join the root barrier and it must be done properly otherwise you risk roots growing through the joins. One way of doing this is by using our Root Barrier Connector Clips. They have been developed for easy and quick joining of the sections of Root Barrier root protection screens. The Root Barrier Connector Clip is lightweight. It clicks through the Root Barrier root protection screen without effort. No tools are needed. The ends of the Click Connection clip grip into each other and optimise root impermeability. Root Barrier Click Connector Clips are 35cm x 5cm
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