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Where to plant a tree?

Where to plant a tree?

Now that tree planting season is here, many people will be thinking about doing their own planting projects in the garden or on larger land areas they own. One key aspect to consider for small and big tree planting projects is where you are actually planting your trees, we will cover some of the main considerations in this advice page.

If planting your trees in a garden, it is crucial to remember that tree roots grow outwards rather than downwards. Roots can cause structural damage so with this in mind, be sure to position your tree in an area where the roots can not affect the foundations of your home or any other underground utilities.

Many people overlook how big trees will grow to over time, so be sure that the tree is not going to obstruct access points or views for yourself and your neighbours once it has fully grown. If you are looking to plant the tree in a special bordered area keep in mind that the tree may not fit that area once it is past the fledgling stage. To avoid this issue make your designated area a bit larger to accommodate for healthy growth.

Certain trees can be grown in pots, but many industry experts recommend against this. This is because trees will grow rapidly in the right conditions and will outgrow small pots quite quickly, requiring them to be moved to a larger growing site. In the process of moving a lot of trees suffer from stress and may struggle to establish when planted in the new area, leading to decreased survival rates.

Smaller species such as Crab Apple or Bird Cherry trees are more suited to smaller British gardens, as they take up less space and require less upkeep.

Another key consideration is your soil type and health in the planting area, if the soil health is poor trees may struggle to establish and extract the key nutrients they need to survive. Using a fertiliser to improve soil health is recommended especially if you are transferring a tree from a pot into the ground.

We hope some of these tips helped you prepare for your planting projects, happy tree planting season everyone!