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When should I sow wildflowers?

When should I sow wildflowers?

Choosing when to sow or plant your wildflowers can be a tricky subject, but it can be quite simple if you know which species of seed you’re sowing and the condition of your soil.

Optimum Sowing Periods

Softer shelled species – March, April May.

Harder shelled species – August, September, October

Sowing can be carried out for most wildflower species any time between March – October, but the above months are the most effective for both softer shelled and harder shelled species. Spring sowing is more suited to softer shelled species as the seeds will immediately begin germinating and give you an instant impact.

Harder shelled species will lay dormant until the Winter where the seeds will be softened through the regular freezing and thawing pattern that occurs in that season, only beginning germination in the following Spring. For this reason we recommend that you do not sow harder shelled seeds until Autumn for optimal results.

Generally, Autumn sowing provides the best results in terms of establishment for the first 12-18 months however this could differ depending on the species you are sowing and whether they are soft shelled or hard shelled. For some species sowing in Spring will effectively delay germination and could delay the completion of your project so it is important to ascertain the species you are planting before the project begins.

Something to consider when carrying out Spring sowing is that your seeds may dry out if they are not watered for a few weeks after being sown, this is generally not an issue in Autumn sowing due to the wetter weather we will experience in that season. With Spring usually being drier, this additional watering may be required to facilitate for healthy growth of your wildflowers.

If you require any further assistance or have any queries regarding establishing a wildflower meadow, be sure to contact our team on email at and we will be happy to help.