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What makes a British wildflower meadow?

What makes a British wildflower meadow?

Wildflower meadows are generally a beautiful addition to any garden or landscaping project and offer more benefits than just the aesthetic ones. But what does it mean to plant a British wildflower meadow?

Typical examples of British wildflowers are Forget-me-Nots, Honeysuckle, Foxglove or Corncockle. These species of wildflower are sown, grown and bloom in Britain making them 100% British, serving as a constant and growing reminder of the stunning wildlife and plants this region is capable of producing.

Many of our mixes contain a lot of British native species along with other species to help them stand out more and thrive in a variety of weather and soil conditions. These mixes are specially picked for a variety of environments whilst ensuring they don’t stray too far away from promoting our British wildflowers.

A lot of British wildflowers boast special properties that help them thrive in this environment where some foreign species may struggle, a prime example of this would be the differences between the Spanish and English Bluebell.

Whilst the Spanish Bluebell tends to grow taller and lift their heads towards the sun, the English Bluebell prefers to grow in a partially shaded area and it is very uncommon to see one growing out in the open here in Britain.

This difference comes about as the Spanish Bluebell is more tolerant of sunshine due to the general climate in Spain being more sunny and warm than the climate in England.

The difference between Spanish and English Bluebells are just one of many examples that you will encounter across a wide variety of wildflower species.

Sowing a British wildflower meadow may give you better results in some instances as all the species included in the mix will be tailored to thrive in the British climate and environments, sometimes giving better establishment results than some foreign species.

If you require any further assistance or have any queries regarding establishing a wildflower meadow, be sure to contact our team on email at and we will be happy to help.