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Tree shelters- What are they and why are they used?

Tree shelters- What are they and why are they used?

If you are planting trees in your garden or in an open area that wildlife will have easy access to, it is important to consider using tree shelters. However, the benefits of tree shelters stretch much further than just protecting against wildlife.

Increased survival rates

Tree shelters create an optimal microclimate for your tree when applied, and that in turn not only boosts your trees survival rate but also helps them thrive in their growing conditions. The tree shelters will defend against adverse weather conditions such as strong winds and heavy rainfall or hailstones, minimising the risk of environmental damage to your trees when they are in their most vulnerable fledgling state. CO2 and moisture levels are also moderated and delivered in a healthy manner to further boost the survival rates of your trees, as are light levels and air movement. All these factors culminate in a more cost-effective project for you as you won’t need to worry about replacing damaged trees!

Protection against herbicides and pesticides

Mechanical weeding and the use of pesticides can have a major detrimental effect on your trees health if they are unprotected and these products come into contact with the tree, but the use of a tree shelter eliminates this issue almost completely. The tree shelter acts as a shield and ensures that no harmful substances make their way through to the tree and stunt or stop its growth. Once again this is a key indicator of how cost-effective the use of a tree shelter is as this added level of defence ensures that your trees will last longer and in a healthier state so you reduce the replacement and maintenance costs you would have had to consider if you didn’t use tree shelters.

Protection against wildlife

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using tree shelters especially in open landscapes or rural areas is the protection they offer against foraging wildlife. Tree shelters can effectively defend your tree from being gnawed at or even knocked loose by wildlife ranging from voles to roe deer. This level of protection is especially important in the early years of a trees life when it is still establishing and is at the most important period of its growth timeline.

Enhanced growth

There has been plenty of research done that concludes that most trees grown with a tree shelter used on them tend to grow taller than trees in the wild with no tree shelters. This is in large part down to the previously mentioned optimal microclimate created by the tree shelters which facilitate for stronger and more accelerated growth in a sustainable manner. This is another key example of why you should consider tree shelters for your project as they allow for more aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective and biodiversity boosting results.

If you are carrying out your own tree planting project, be sure to check out our range of tree shelters to help give your trees the best chance at survival and effective growth throughout their life span.

If you have any further questions regarding the use of tree shelters email our team on and we will be happy to help.