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The difference between Annual and Perennial wildflower species

The difference between Annual and Perennial wildflower species

A commonly asked question when it comes to wildflower seed sowing is if wildflowers come back every year, a question which will have differing answers depending on the species of wildflower you are planting.

Perennial species

Perennial wildflower species make up a majority of most wildflower mixes due to their long-term benefits. Perennial species typically die back after flowering and will produce seeds that then re-grow from the same plant in the following year as they need the first year to establish before flowering in the second year onwards. If maintained and managed correctly, perennials can last years and offer blooming wildflower meadows over a longer period but require a bit more patience to wait for them to initially establish and bloom. Another key benefit of perennial species is the fact that they don’t need to be planted every year, reducing manpower costs and hours. These species are typically more effective for larger areas that are specifically needed for wildflower meadows.

Annual species

If you require fast results, annual species are more suitable for you but they will require more regular re-sowing and maintenance compared to perennial species. After flowering and producing new seeds, annual species plants will then die and new plants will grow each year as a result of that. It is important to note however that these newly produced seeds will only germinate if the soil is re-cultivated after the spent plants have been removed. Annuals generally require re-sowing yearly, or every two years in the worst case scenario. This helps keep them looking fresh, vibrant and colourful and you may see your wildflower display wither away if you fail to keep up with this re-sowing schedule. Thanks to their short-term blooming properties, annual species are often chosen for smaller projects that need quicker results, and these properties also allow you to switch up your wildflower meadow appearance annually when you re-sow your seeds which is another key benefit of this species.

To summarise, wildflowers will grow back but the frequency of which they do depends on the species you are sowing and the conditions they are being sown in.

If you require any further assistance or have any queries regarding establishing a wildflower meadow, be sure to contact our team on email at and we will be happy to help.