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Preparing your garden for Spring

Preparing your garden for Spring

With winter drawing to a close and spring fast approaching, now is the time to shift your attention to spring gardening jobs to prepare your outdoor space for the next season. In this advice page we will outline some of the main jobs you may want to consider to ensure your garden is ready to “spring” into action when the season arrives!

The main job we would recommend is doing a big cleaning operation around the garden to declutter and ensure it is tidy. This could involve sweeping up fallen leaves from your grass as they carry harmful bacteria that can stunt grass growth. To make this a full circle task, the garden waste you collect can be put into a compost bin or be put in a corner of the garden as a natural wildlife habitat. Compost bins are perfect for creating mulch which can then be used in flower beds, perfect for healthy growth of spring flowers.

Garden storage solutions are also a perfect way to clear space in your garden too. If you have tools or materials lying around they can be stored away to make more space and make the garden look generally cleaner and more inviting.

Winter is an especially tough season for your lawn, so showing that some attention before the warmer weather arrives is always a good idea. If you see obvious weed or moss patches, using a weedkiller is a good idea to get rid of them and ensure your lawn is able to grow in a healthy manner. Equally, your lawn may not be looking at its healthiest so you may want to sow new grass seed to give it a refresh and ensure everything is at its gleaming best for when spring arrives!

Before applying any new grass seed or weedkillers be sure to give the lawn a good mowing if it needs it and ensure it is all level.

Spring is an ideal time to plant flowers or sow wildflower seeds, both of which add a burst of colour to your garden as well as enhancing biodiversity at the same time. The warmer weather is more acclimatising for them and will give them the perfect conditions to establish and begin growing.

As we approach the tail end of spring, you may want to think about checking the garden for weed growth and removing any you find. This time period is typically just before weed growth season, which means you will be able to remove and deal with them before they establish themselves and become a long-term problem.

Once the stems are removed, applying a weedkiller to the roots will stop further growth and ensure the weeds can not take over on your lawn or flower beds.

We hope these top spring gardening tips have helped get you ready for the season ahead, as we all look forward to warmer and longer days and of course much more time in the garden!