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October Gardening Tips

October Gardening Tips

Many people stop tending to their gardens from October onwards due to the worsening weather conditions and a lack of inspiration, but Gardener Supplies is here to give you some helpful gardening tips and jobs to keep your garden well looked after through autumn and winter!

Perennial wildflowers benefit from being sown in the Autumn, as the frost over the winter can help crack their seed coatings, ready to germinate and bloom once the warmer weather begins in the spring. If you have always considered sowing a wildflower meadow in your garden, October could be the perfect month to do so depending on the species you are looking to sow.

Similarly to wildflowers, the best time to plant trees is in the autumn, October and November especially depending on the climate around those times. Make sure you secure your trees effectively using tree ties, and if you have small animals regularly visiting your garden you may need to consider using a tree shelter too. These products will help secure the tree in its fledgling years and ensure it is protected from both roaming wildlife as well as the elements whilst it establishes.

October may see an increase in bird visits to your garden, as they begin emigrating due to the temperature dropping. We would recommend potentially getting a bird feeder or bird table to create a safe haven for them as they pass through, it helps enhance biodiversity in your garden as well as ensuring they are kept healthy in tougher conditions.

Having a general clear out of the garden is always a good task to do in October due to leaves falling from trees and leaves on summer shrubs and flowers dying out. Leaves falling off flower crowns can potentially rot and stunt or completely disrupt the flowers growth, so we recommend removing those leaves completely. In addition, you could use a rake or leaf blower to clear leaves off paths or lawns to give your garden a tidier look and prevent your grass from going yellow.

Following a clear out, composting is a brilliant and environmentally friendly way of reusing or getting rid of any garden waste generated. Simply pile up all your green rubbish somewhere in your garden, where it can be used as a habitat or food source for a variety of animals or insects. Additionally, you can incorporate the use of a compost bin for a tidier look in the garden and for more sustainable reuse.

If you have a greenhouse in your outdoor space, October is a good month to give it a good clear out and ensure it is neat and tidy. We would also recommend moving any particularly tender or fragile plants into the greenhouse once it is cleared out sufficiently, as cold temperatures and harsh conditions could have a negative impact on the plants health. It is important to remember that growth rates for plants slow down at this time of year due to colder and longer nights, so be sure to not overwater your plants if they are being kept in a greenhouse over autumn and winter.

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