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Laying Wildflower Matting

Laying Wildflower Matting

If you are short on time or patience, then Wildflower Matting could just be the answer for you. It offers instant results and laying wildflower matting couldn’t be easier!

Ten steps for success

  • 1.Ground preparation is key for success, so remove existing lawn, plants, roots and as many weeds as possible.
  • 2.Dig over or rotovate the soil to a depth of at least 100mm
  • 3.Rake the soil and tread it to compact. You then need to rake to loosen the top again.
  • 4.Lift the Wildflower Mat rolls into position, unroll and gently press mat down so that the roots have good contact with the prepared soil.
  • 5.Lay each roll of mat in the same way, butting it up close to its neighbour. Do not leave gaps – even small gaps will potentially be obvious if the Mat is allowed to dry out and shrink during establishment.
  • 6.Trim pieces to size/shape using a sharp knife or a handsaw.
  • 7.During installation, use turf laying boards to walk or kneel on, to protect the Wildflower Mat.
  • 8.Water thoroughly, lifting a corner to check that the water is through to the roots – this will aid good establishment. Ideally, watering should be done in the early morning or the late evening.
  • 9.Once laid, avoid walking on it and make sure you water well every day for the first 2-3 weeks.
  • 10.After 2 weeks, check to see if your Wildflower Mat has rooted into your soil. You can reduce daily watering at this stage.

Things to note.

Wildflower Mat is delivered in rolls and should be unrolled as soon as possible after they arrive. We advise all live products are laid on the day of delivery.

  • If your wildflower mat cannot be laid immediately then keep it moist by watering.
  • Wildflower Mat can be laid at any time of year providing the soil is not waterlogged or frozen.
  • Water daily for the first 2-3 weeks. This can be gradually reduced as the matting becomes more self-sufficient with its developing root system. Ideally you should continue to water in prolonged dry spells.
  • Only mow in autumn once all wildflowers have self-seeded. Rake off all clippings which will increase light levels for the trimmed plants and will reduce soil nutrients.