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January Gardening Tips

January Gardening Tips

Looking to get your garden and lawn care routine off with a bang in the new year? Check out our top January gardening tips below and see what you can get up to in your outdoor space to start the new year off right!

A lot of wild bird species are still emigrating and travelling long distances in this cold period, you can help them on their travels by installing a bird feeder in your garden and leaving a fresh water supply for them too. Not only does this help the birds but it also boosts biodiversity in your garden too.

Although it may not seem appealing, January is a perfect time to clean and repair your gardening equipment and fixtures such as any patios, pots, and tools. Doing this means that when Spring arrives, you are ready to hit the ground running and use your time effectively.

Whilst carrying out this maintenance, it is also important to check up on any trees/plants you have planted. Adverse weather conditions may have damaged your belting or stakes so be sure to replace anything that is damaged beyond repair to give your trees and plants the best chance at survival.

Similarly to the rest of winter, we recommend avoiding walking on your lawn if it is covered by thick blankets of snow or frost. The grass is in a vulnerable state and can be damaged permanently if walked on too much when covered, so be sure to walk around it if possible in periods of heavy snowfall or low temperatures.

If you haven’t already, consider moving any potted and container plants indoors or to a sheltered area in your garden to protect them from harsh conditions or from being waterlogged in periods of heavy rainfall. If you can’t do this, ensure these plants are slightly raised off the ground which will allow them to drain themselves of excess water.

Roaming wildlife can always do with extra help, especially in January when temperatures are particularly low. Gather up any natural garden waste and compile it in a sheltered area of your outdoor space to create a natural wildlife habitat for small animals and insects that need shelter or a food supply.

You can also dig over any gaps in your borders to ensure everything is in order, pulling out weed roots whilst you do so. This means your flower beds and lawn are in prime condition and ready to flourish once warmer weather arrives.

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