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How To Repair Dog Urine Patches?

How To Repair Dog Urine Patches?

Any dog that squats to urinate will cause a brown patch or burn patch on your lawn, as this is a concentrated flow of urine in a specific area. Dogs that lift their legs to urinate are normally marking their territory so the spread of urine is over a larger area in smaller spurts causing little damage.

Dog urine or dog pee is high in nitrogen and salts and in the most severe cases it can cause brown spots or burns in your lawn. The brown spots are caused by too much nitrogen and salts within the dog’s urine in a concentrated area resulting in dying or damaged grass swards. For small spots, the grass will normally regenerate over time, giving time for the surrounding grass to germinate gain and overlay the brown areas. It is recommended that as soon as the dog has urinated on your lawn to go and over-water the affected area as this will dilute the concentration.

For larger patches some remedial attention is recommended.

To repair the area it is recommended that the brown area or dead grass is removed or dug out. Mix some multi-purpose compost with existing soil and Gardener Supplies general purpose grass seed then reapply. Water -in then leave the grass to germinate, it is recommended your dog Is kept away from the treated area until the grass and roots are established so as not to cause more damage.