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How to install Tree Spirals

How to install Tree Spirals

Rainbow Spirals offer protection against a wide range of wildlife, but the size required may differ depending on the wildlife you are expecting to protect against.

The sizes available and what they protect against are listed below:

45cm - Mice & Voles

60cm - Rabbits

75cm - Hares

Protecting yourself

When installing Rainbow Spirals, there are a few factors you may want to consider when it comes to protecting yourself. We recommend wearing goggles or other forms of eye protection to prevent tree top shoots from damaging your eyes.

In addition, we also recommend wearing gloves as that eliminates the threat of cutting your hands on jagged parts of the tree or on the edges of the Rainbow Bio Spirals themselves.


It is important to ensure that overlapping Rainbow Spirals are placed around the tree and above the inner, which allows for expanding. To prevent your tree from being strangled, you need to ensure that the tree can expand the guard at the base, if you want to test this then place a thumb or forefinger in between the tree and spiral at the base and see how much you can expand them.

If you are wrapping the spiral around the tree rather than dropping it on from the top, you must ensure that you hold the spiral in a way that the outer edge is above the inner, then gently wrapped around the tree. Once the spiral has been correctly placed, hold both ends before pulling the top shortly. Once you let go, the spiral will automatically get into the correct position, and will be primed for future tree expansion.

For fast growing trees, you may need to manually remove the spirals before they naturally drop off as the decomposition process may not have started before the tree has outgrown the environment and has expanded to its maximum limit and is being constricted.