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February Gardening Tips

February Gardening Tips

February sees weather conditions begin to improve across the UK, which means it is almost time to begin regular gardening jobs again! There are still some jobs you can carry out in February however, to ensure your garden is in prime condition for when Spring arrives.

If you haven’t already, February is a good time to plant or sow Spring flowering plants or crops, as it gives the seeds sufficient time to germinate so they are ready to bloom and blossom once Spring is fully underway. Many wildflower mixes can be sown in February ready for Spring flowering so that is something to consider too.

February is a good month to also cut grass that you may have left to grow over winter, ensuring that it is cut to a maintainable level that is ready to receive the nutrients and minerals that come with regular sunlight and watering. In addition, we also recommend removing any dead grass that is left on your lawn too, as that can hinder the growth of the rest of your grass.

Similarly to your grass, any hedges in your garden may have also become overgrown throughout winter if they were not cut regularly. Just before Spring is a good time to trim and prune these hedges so they are also in prime condition for when the warmer Spring weather arrives.

Greenhouses can often be negatively affected by cold and damp winter conditions, especially in the form of mould. If you have a greenhouse in your garden, be sure to check it thoroughly before Spring for any signs of mould and if found, give it a deep clean so it is fresh and clean for when the warm weather arrives.

Flowering bulbs will benefit from a slow-release fertiliser being applied around February time too, as it provides the key nutrients they need over a sustained period of time which spreads over into Spring. We recommend applying a fertiliser such as ICL Landscaper Pro Spring Summer 20-0-7 to give your bulbs a strong start to their flowering season.

General maintenance around the garden is also always recommended, fixing broken fence panels or pruning crops and plants too is always beneficial to the general wellbeing of your outdoor space.

In addition, checking your garden equipment and making any repairs needed is best done in February just before the busy Spring season starts. Lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and other mechanical equipment may need small bits of maintenance especially if they haven’t been used much over the Winter period.

There is still plenty of work to be done in the garden despite it being Winter in February, with most jobs being focused on getting your garden ready and in prime condition before Spring arrives. Stay tuned on the Gardener Supplies website for more tips and advice like this as the year progresses!