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December Gardening Tips

December Gardening Tips

Despite less than favourable weather conditions, there are still plenty of tasks you can carry out in your garden in December. Read below to check out our December gardening top tips!

A lot of December gardening tasks involve regular check ups and maintenance of tasks you may have carried out earlier in the year, such as checking on tree ties and belting and redoing them if needed. Adverse weather conditions may have had an effect on your tree or plant securing products, so it is important to regularly check up on them and adjust or redo where needed.

If you have a covered area in your garden, we recommend moving all potted and container plants there as the harsher conditions set in. This protects the plants from frost, snowfall and heavy rain ensuring they remain in good condition for when Spring arrives, or when the conditions improve slightly.

As well as keeping them sheltered, be sure to not overwater your potted and container plants too. As conditions are cold the plants are waterlogged easier and can be permanently damaged as a result of this.

Autumn and winter are key times for many species of wild bird due to them emigrating, you can easily enhance biodiversity in your outdoor space by installing a bird feeder and keeping an accessible supply of fresh water out in the open too. This will attract a range of wild bird species to your garden and keep it brimming with activity even in the coldest conditions.

In periods of heavy frost and snowfall, we recommend not walking on your lawn or any other grassed areas. This can permanently damage the grass and stunt growth long term especially if it has been cut too short.

Be sure to keep raking fallen leaves off your lawn, leaving them there too long can lead to dead patches appearing due to a lack of daylight reaching the covered areas. The raked leaves can be grouped together in a sheltered area of your garden to create a wildlife habitat for local wildlife and insects.

Lawn maintenance is difficult in the winter months, but if you are still cutting your grass make sure it is less frequently and your mower is set to a higher cut setting. Cutting your grass too short in harsh conditions makes it more susceptible to diseases and weeds taking over, as well as making it generally weaker.

Investing in a compost bin is a good idea in the height of winter, as you can use it to collect leaves falling from trees and allow them to compost and rot naturally in there if you don’t want to use them to create a wildlife habitat. They also reduce the amount of waste your outdoor space is producing, helping make your home more environmentally friendly.

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