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Beauty of Bark Chippings

Beauty of Bark Chippings

Where to use and how much

Commonly used to:

  • Suppress weeds
  • Dress beds, borders and planters – makes them easier to maintain and they look attractive
  • Create a path/walkway
  • Prevent muddy areas in children’s play areas.
  • Protect plant roots from frost damage in winter or scorching sun in summer.
  • Provide a good mulch and help retain water for plants and shrubs

Use it in:


Look great if you don’t like to see bare soil between shrubs and plants.Lay a minimum of 5cm deep. It will act as a mulch and retain moisture in the soil. Just make sure it is suitable for mulching before you lay it!

Container Gardening

Placing bark chippings above the soil in your planters and containers looks lovely and will help keep the weeds at bay. It will also prevent your growing media drying out so quickly after watering..


Bark chippings make an ideal surface for walking on, it looks lovely and won’t get muddy or slippery. You don’t need an expect to lay it and its much cheaper than a paved path. However, it will eventually rot down and need replacing. If you are using bark chippings for pathways we recommend you suppress the weeds by laying a Weed Control Groundcover Fabric/membrane between the soil and the bark chippings. Lay your bark chippings at a minimum of 10cm deep.

Play areas 

Specifically designed Bark chippings for play areas is perfect for underneath play equipment. It prevents slips and stains from muddy ground and will cushion falls, as well as finishing off an area so it’s pleasing to the eye. We sell Scotbark Playbark in 80 Ltr bags which has a durable yet soft and cushioned surface and Melcourt Playbark, in 60 Ltr bags, which is pine bark-based that is chunky in nature and is RHS endorsed. Lay bark for play areas at a minimum of 10cm deep.

As a garden mulch 

Laying a thick layer of bark mulch will help your soil retain its moisture. This will be invaluable in dry spells. It will minimise weeds growing through, some will make it but only the hardiest. Over a couple of years, the chippings will compost down into the soil adding soil nutrients and improve the structure of your soil.