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Autumn wildflower sowing tips

Autumn wildflower sowing tips

It has become more common knowledge over recent times that the optimum period for sowing wildflower seeds is Autumn, but this depends on the species of seed you are sowing.

Harder shelled species fair better when it comes to Autumn sowing as they will lay dormant until the following Spring and begin germination once the weather improves slightly. The winter frosts help break down the outer shell of the seeds gradually and prepare them for germination once the temperatures improve the following Spring.

There are several benefits to autumn sowing, one of which is the reduced risk of birds damaging your seeds. Bird food is scarcer in Spring months, so they are more likely to forage for recently planted seeds and therefore cause damage to your projects. In Autumn however, bird food is generally more widely available so your wildflower seeds are safer.

Another key benefit is the speed that your seeds will flower at once it hits Spring. If seeds are sown in Autumn, they can take advantage of the winter frost to get the ball rolling with the germination process so once the warmer weather hits they are almost ready to flower almost right away.

The recommended timeframe for Autumn sowing would be from August to October, sowing from November onwards is not recommended as temperatures tend to drop off around that time and if it is too cold your seeds will struggle to germinate and establish themselves in the soil.

Temperatures between August and September tend to still be mild enough to allow for effective germination and establishment which is why this period is often seen as the best time to sow certain wildflower seed species.

If sowing your seeds in Autumn, we recommend checking your soil condition first and ensuring it is light and dry. Heavy and wet soils can lead to rotting of the seeds and generally make germination more difficult and in most cases almost impossible. If your site features heavier and damp soils it is recommended that you wait until Spring to sow your seeds as the soil will fair better in warmer weather and be a more hospitable environment for the seeds. We always recommend testing your site and checking it thoroughly before undertaking any planting projects.

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