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Autumn Gardening Tips

Autumn Gardening Tips

Did you know there are plenty of jobs you could carry out in your garden over the autumn months to keep it in prime condition ready for winter and spring next year? We will cover some top autumn gardening tips in this advice page, be sure to check them out and see which ones you could do!

Autumn is the perfect time of year to start a compost heap or begin filling your compost bins due to the amount of garden waste that is generated due to falling leaves, moss and general debris. We recommend having a regular tidy up around the garden to keep it maintained and clean, and keep your compost bins full too.

Although it may not seem it, autumn is a good time to cut and maintain your lawn too. Scarifying the area and removing any dead grass, moss or fallen leaves is a good start as it ensures that the remaining lawn will soak up all the moisture from rainfall. In addition to scarifying, aerating the lawn is also a good process to carry out for a few reasons, the main one being the enhanced drainage which is ideal for periods of heavy rainfall. Aerating also enhances nutrient uptake for your grass, ensuring it is getting everything it needs to remain healthy over the autumn and winter months.

Fallen leaves can often carry diseases or if left on the lawn, can block your grass from getting the nutrients and minerals it needs. Be sure to regularly inspect your lawn and clear any dead leaves when possible from the lawn and also from flower beds and borders too. Remember, these leaves are perfect garden waste to add to a compost bin or compost heap so bare that in mind when cleaning.

Creating wildlife habitats is a good way to enhance biodiversity in your garden too, fitting a bird feeder and regularly putting out fresh food and water for them is a good start. In addition, compost heaps can be a safe haven for a range of insects and foraging animals such as hedgehogs so if you have a compost bin, you may want to consider having an external heap alongside that too.

If you are looking to introduce some spring flowering bulbs or wildflowers in your garden, autumn is the perfect time to plant and sow them. Autumn sowing and planting gives the seeds a chance to establish themselves in the soil and lay dormant until it gets warmer and the soil thaws the following spring. If well maintained over the autumn and winter months, these seeds will be in a good position to flourish and grow next spring and add a pop of colour to your garden.

To summarise, autumn is a good time of year for gardening with plenty of maintenance and development jobs to carry out to ensure your garden stays in tip top condition. Give some of these a go and see how your garden goes from strength to strength this autumn!