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A guide to installing Premium weed groundcover

A guide to installing Premium weed groundcover

Premium Weed Groundcover is a highly effective weed control fabric manufactured from black woven polypropylene, which eliminates the need for spraying chemical weed killers to control weeds.

Weed Control Fabric is a ground cover that acts as a weed suppressant membrane. Protecting flower beds, footpaths and driveways from invasive weed growth and protecting areas that might become overwhelmed by weed growth. We have a variety of membranes in stock that offer chemical-free weed control even against tough weeds such as couch grass, horsetail and bindweed.

Laying down permeable (breathable) Weed Groundcover prevents weed seeds from germinating in the soil but it lets water and air down to the soil to feed plants and shrubs.

You will need

Weed Control groundcover

Garden hoe


Utility knife



1.Remove vegetation

Dig out all weeds, grass, and other vegetation, ensuring you get all the roots. Alternatively, you can kill the plants with a non-selective, or broad-spectrum, herbicide (weed killer) Apply the herbicide as directed by the manufacturer and allow time for the plants to fully die off.

2.Prepare the soil

Rake the area thoroughly and remove all twigs and stones that might damage the weed control groundcover. Rake until the soil surface is smooth and flat.

3.Lay the weed groundcover

Roll out the weed control groundcover and cut as needed. Overlap each row of material by at least 10cm. Ensure you install the groundcover with the proper side facing up, as directed. If you need to, weight down temporarily with stones or any heavy object.

4.Secure the groundcover

Once your weed groundcover is in the correct position, secure it with landscape fabric staples or pegs, every metre or so along the edges and seams. Trim any excess material as needed.

Please note - Areas covered with weed protection materials will still need some maintenance to remain weed-free. Weed seeds that blow in the wind will still land on top of the material and will eventually support the germination of weed seeds.