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60cm Tubex Nature Tree Shelter Guard

The 60cm Tubex Nature Tree Shelter is the latest tree tube to be developed in response to the growing desire to reduce plastic usage in the tree planting industry.

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    The 60cm Tubex Nature Tree Shelter is the latest tree tube to be developed in response to the growing desire to reduce plastic usage in the tree planting industry. 

    The next generation of biodegradable tree shelters Tubex Nature is a new range of tree shelters designed to be biodegradable and non toxic, currently in trial across the UK*. Tubex Nature is a solution for nature when collection is difficult or sometimes impossible, the most sustainable alternative solution designed for areas with dense woodland and difficult access where collection and recycling is not practical.

    Although new to the market the Tubex Nature Shelter has undergone extensive laboratory testing under heightened climatic conditions. The Tubex Nature Shelter displays all the same characteristics of traditional Tubex Standard Shelters, protecting against rabbits, deer, hares and spray drift from herbicides. The expected lifespan of the Tubex Nature Shelter is 5 years in-situ, dependant on climatic conditions and location of planting. It is recommended at the end of its lifespan the shelter is removed and industrially composted.

    TUBEX Nature will over time start to degrade and breakdown into water and CO2 by a process of microbiology, rate and time period of bio-degradation depending on soil and climatic conditions. Mulching or burying Tubex Nature at its end of life will significantly increase the rate of this process.

    60cm Tubex Nature Tree Shelter BENEFITS:

    • Manufactured from sustainable sources
    • 5 year lifespan
    • Provides an improved micro-climate for trees
    • Protects against rabbits, deer and herbicide spray
    • Will industrially compost to a recognise standard
    • Bio Based & Biodegradable*
    • High quality & fit for purpose
    • Increased light transmission by 14% compared to Tubex Standard
    • Expected life in field of 3 to 5 years, depending on climatic conditions
    • Excellent light transmission increased by over 14%***
    • All raw materials certified for biodegradability**
    • Finished Tubex Nature in full testing according to ISO:17556 for soil biodegradability*
    • Protection against browsing animals 
    • Accelerates growth by creating a microclimate****

    Tubex Nature Tree Shelter Sizes Available

    • 60cm x 73-105mm
    • 1.2m x 73-105mm

    NOTE: Tubex Nature Shelter is currently in testing to achieve full certification against EN13432.


    *Currently under testing for ISO:17556 Soil Biodegradability. Tested against OECD 207 for Earth-worm ecotoxicity and OECD 208 for Plant ecotoxicity - No acute toxicity detected

    **All components of TUBEX Nature have been tested and certified to biodegrade, passing the norm 14995:2006

    ***Vs Tubex Standard externally tested by Cranage Testing using Light 435 lux

    ****Potter, M. J., Treeshelters, Forestry Commission Handbook 7 (Page 20-25)

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