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Nutrigrow Feed Weed and Moss Killer 20kg

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Spring Summer Energise Maxi 9-7-7 Fertiliser 10kg Tub offers an all-round lawn feed which breaks down quickly to provide a rapid uptake of nutrient.

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    Nutrigrow Feed and Weed, a comprehensive compound fertiliser with iron designed to address moss and weed control while nourishing lawns, sports turf, and grass areas. Offering a four-in-one solution, this product not only promotes greener grass but also effectively eliminates weeds, removes moss, and fertilises the grass for a thicker, healthier-looking lawn.

    Features and Benefits:

    1. Four-in-One Action: Nutrigrow Feed and Weed provides a multifaceted approach to lawn care, offering greener grass, weed control, moss removal, and grass fertilisation in one convenient application.

    2. Versatile Usage: Ideal for use in various settings, including lawns, sports turf, and grass areas, ensuring versatility and effectiveness across different landscapes.

    3. Seasonal Application: Suitable for use from Spring to Autumn, aligning with periods of active growth for grass, moss, and weeds, and when soil moisture levels are conducive to optimal results.

    4. Coverage: Each bag treats up to 625m², providing ample coverage for extensive lawn areas. 

    Usage Recommendations:

    • Application Rate: Apply at a rate of 32g per square meter for optimal results, ensuring thorough coverage and effective treatment.
    • Application Method: Utilise a Fertiliser Spreader for even distribution, promoting uniform absorption and maximum efficacy.
    • Soil pH Enhancement: Enhance soil pH by applying Granulated Lime, supporting overall lawn health and nutrient uptake.
    • Frequency: Limit applications to a maximum of two per year, with a minimum interval of 40 days between treatments, to maintain balanced lawn management and prevent overuse.
    • Precautions: Apply only to established turf, and carefully read and adhere to product label instructions to ensure safe and effective use.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Brand: Nutrigrow
    • Pack Size: Available in 20kg bags, providing extensive coverage for larger lawn areas.
    • Active Ingredients: Contains 10% Nitrogen, 2% Phosphate, 2% Potassium, and 8% Iron Sulphate, offering a balanced blend of essential nutrients and moss and weed control agents.
    • Application Method: Can be applied using a spreader or spread by hand, offering flexibility in application.
    • Safe For Use On: Suitable for use on grass, lawns, and sports turf, ensuring compatibility with various turf types and applications.
    • MAPP No. 19669

    Elevate your lawn care routine with Nutrigrow Feed and Weed, a trusted solution for achieving a lush, weed-free lawn with minimal effort and maximum results.

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