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8 x 8 Log Cabin Maulden With Veranda 19mm

£1,512.00 - £2,264.47
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    The 8 x 8 Log Cabin Maulden With Veranda 19mm is a charming building with an alpine ski lodge feel to it. The veranda terrace can be an attractive addition to this already eye-catching building.

    •  19 mm interlocking logs
    •  Tongue and groove floor included
    •  Tongue and groove roof
    •  Pressure treated floor joists
    •  Interchangeable door and window positions
    •  Opening window

    The key features include:

    • Stunning veranda, which is included in the price as standard instead of as a costly add-on, to give you a shady, sheltered spot to enjoy your garden
    • Beautiful, Georgian-style glazing in the opening window and ¾ length door
    • Tongue and groove roof and floor to provide unbeatable protection from the elements
    • First-class construction quality that is characteristic of all Shire Log Cabins

    Assembly Option

    When a shed or structure is ordered with Assembly we will immediately send out to the purchaser a suitable base criteria.

    Then once the purchaser informs us their base is ready we organise a base check to ensure the base is suitable prior to assembly.

    We then organise the closest available assembly date so we do give a roughly 8 week lead time on assemblies, this can be shortened on how quickly the purchaser completes their base.

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